December 6, 2011

Christmas Countdown Craft for Kids

This is a cute little craft for kids and Mom's too. It's a form of advent calendar with a little poem that reads:

Santa's beard is very bare.
On his chin there is nohair.
so each day,
Add a puff so white.
And when there're all on,
He'll come that night!

Each night a child adds a cotton ball to the beard and when the last one is on -it's Christmans Eve.

This one uses a printed Christmas Shopping Bag from but you could use any Santa picture that would have a beard large enough to hold 25 cotton balls. The step-by-step instructions are printed here along with a free downloadable file for the poem art.  I would use a glue stick to keep from getting little fingers - not too mention your floors - sticky.

All you need is your Santa Picture, Glue stick, 25 cotton balls, ribbons and the free downloadable file from the web site. Have fun but hurry - Christmas is coming soon!

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