October 30, 2011

Easy Craft - Autumn Votive Jar


As I promised in my last post, here are the easy little handmade votive cups I promised to show you. These were a hit at my last gathering of friends. I made two different kinds; one using the leftover corn kernels from my Indian Corn wreath and one using the corn husks from that same project.

For this craft you will need the following supplies

*Various sizes of glass canning jars – I found mine at Wal-Mart but Kroger and Dollar General Market have them too.

*Indian Corn Kernels (see video in this post)

*Corn Husks from Indian corn (corn shucks for you southern folks)

*Battery powered votives – real ones could defiantly be a fire hazard

*Paper Raffia I got mine from Nashvillewraps.com

*Hot glue for the corn shuck ones

Corn Kernel Votive Jar
Choose the jar you like and fill it two-thirds full of corn kernels.  You could use cabdy corn for this too. For both projects I tore one left over corn husk into narrow strips and glued a strip around my battery votives - looks so cute!. Tie a little raffia knot around the jar top and you are done! I used Orange and Kraft colored Raffia but any colors you like will be pretty.

Corn Husk Votive Jars

For this project, I curled the pretty corn husks around the inside of my glass canning jars. I stuffed more husks inside this curled layer to make a place for my battery powered votive to rest.  As above, use your Raffia to tie a knot or bow arond the jar. These would be cute on your Thanksgiving table too.

I’d love to see pictures of your votives. Send them to Kathy Green and I will post them and give you credit in a future blog post.

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