March 11, 2011

Hellebores Are Blooming!

The Hellebores I wrote about a while back are blooming for the first time. They are so beautiful. I got mine from renowned Hellebore expert David Culp. I am so pleased with the colores and the huge blooms. Most of the ones available in the Nashville area are the shades of green and white and the blooms are small. As you can see, I have a pink, mauve and white. I can't wait to see if they reseed and what colors the new plants may be.

 I have not done one thing to these plants since I planted them year before last. If I remember correctly, they arrived in July and I put them in my shade garden, watered them in and left them alone. The leaves cover them every year and I uncover them in spring. Pretty easy! I am going to buy more! They bloom along with the buttercups and Hyacinths just when I am about to think spring will never arrive. I think I will figure out a way to plant them on my steep bank in front of my studio. I could look up into the blooms this way. The blooms hang down like little bells from the plants.


  1. Very pretty! A friend gave me one 3 years ago. It had a few blooms last year and is loaded this year. I bought 5 more 2 years ago, two have a bloom now. Can't wait to see them all in full bloom!

  2. They may be my new favorite spring flower! I can see them becoming addictive.