July 26, 2009

Ground Covers, Rain Barrels and Other Garden Trivia

Found on the web: "Ground covers for slopes: Try acacia redolens, coyote bush, prostrate myoporum and trailing lantana. To water them, remove coffee can bottoms and place above the plants with emitters in cans, so water goes directly to the root ball and stops erosion." I am landscaping a steep bank right now and I really like that coffee can idea. I think I will bury large yogurt containers instead - won't rust. I'm going to poke holes in the bottom and bury them up under the plants I want to water. The butterflies are enjoying the Lantana in front of my fence.

This one is from Gardening Memos Blog
"Rain barrels collect water from your roof and store it until needed. Rain water is softer and chemical free. Rain Barrels are great for keeping your plants healthy and saving water. Many rain barrels are made from reused food drums and recycled plastic, keeping with the commitment to sustainable living. You can collect approximately 675 gallons of rain off your roof from a single rain storm. Stored rain water supplies much needed moisture to your gardens during extreme dry spells where rationing is necessary." Look at the one we just put behind the art studio. I used a rain chain because of the weird gutter situation we have back there. As you can see, we have lots of landscaping to do in this area. Tomorrow my son from Patterson Foundation Services (got to plug the kid's business) : ) and his helper are coming to fix my wet basement. I had to dig up all my flower beds in the front of the house. All plants are mulched in for the duration behind the privacy fence. By this time next year, I should be to the point of maintain only! Yeah! Actually, I don't think gardeners ever get to that place; there is always a plant to move or a new variety that we must try. I'm going to post before and after picts - here's where we are today, tomorrow the bushes will be joining their friends behind the fence. I opted for the excavator to remove them -saved my back and probably the plants too.

I think my little round lily bed in the front will be safe where it is - Tony, Josh's helper is a gardener too and he promised to rescue any plants that Josh and the excavator might threaten; probably a good thing that I have to work next week.

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