April 8, 2009

Hellebores: Perfect Plants for Dry Shade

My friend at work recently told me about her brother, David Culp. David is a horticulturist who grows and collects Hellebores. He was recently featured on the Martha Stewart Show where he talked to Martha about growing and propagating these wonderful plants. He maintains a web site where you can purchase plants as well as see Davids beautiful gardens and read more about Hellebores. David says on his web site," They are the ulitmate shade plant. They are long lived and have few diseases or pests. The fact that they are basically evergreen only adds to their allure."

I plan to add them to my woodland garden this year. Visit David's site and learn more about the perfect shade plant. I think they will be beautiful growing among my Hosta in summer and will add a needed touch of color in early spring. Another thing I like about them is the fact that they like a dry well drained spot. Perfect for my shady, dry wooded rock garden. I saw some rather drab ones at Home Depot Garden Center the other week. I have to admit I was tempted, I'm glad I waited - David's site has awesome colors! I want double ones too !
My friend said they reseed and spread - perfect for my needs. I will keep a record of how I do with them.


  1. I just did a post on Hellebores, too! I just love them and though I have several already, I want a double. I did check out David's site. Love the veined one on the lower left of the collage he has posted!

  2. I have a hellebore. I brought it from my old house to the new house last spring. Its starting to look alot better this spring. I Love how they will start to bloom in January here in the south. Thanks for the link to the site.