April 6, 2009

Bluebirds building in Ornamental Birdhouse

I have had two ornamental barn wood birdhouses in my yard for years. They are cute and add a touch of whimsy to my yard. I never expected a bird to actually use them. Last year a Chickadee build in one of them so my husband added a hinge on the back of both of them so we could easily clean them out in case them were built in again.

This year we noticed a pair of bluebirds checking out the one on our back deck. I was so excited because the bluebirds haven't built in my yard for several years, despite the meal worm feeders and several traditional bluebird houses.

They visited for several days and now the male is guarding both of these houses. Before he took over we had Wrens, Titmice and Chickadees interested -not anymore- no one else can get near without being attacked!

There are plenty other places for the Wrens and her friends so I'm not worried about that. I can't tell yet if they have actually started a nest, I haven't seen the female since they first visited. I'll just have to wait till they start feeding I guess. if no action by the first of May, I"ll take a peek in the back. I don't want to frighten them off now.

I've always had to watch for sparrows invading my bluebird houses. I don't think this will be a problem this year. This Bird is more aggressive than a mockingbird.

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