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Seeds are sold out for 2017 - watch for plants for sale soon 

Sold out NEW ITEM: Vegetable Garden Seed Kit 


The perfect combination of garden seeds for a summer garden for those who don’t have a big space for a garden.

Kit includes: 12 packs of seeds suitable most U.S. summer growing conditions. Need full sun, average water and soil. Compost would be a great top dressing if available. Tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers can be started inside 4 to 6 weeks prior to planting time, lettuce can be sown directly into soil as soon as last frost date has passed (lettuce prefers cool temps) Beans, Okra and Corn should be sown 3-4 weeks after last frost date for your growing zone.
3 Tomato VarietiesRoma Italian Tomato for slicing, sauces, canning, Large Cherry Salad Tomato and Heirloom Cherokee Purple giant slicing tomato (25 seeds each)
Corn: Golden Bantam space saver (35 seeds)
Bean: Blue Lake Bush (30 seeds)
Okra: Clemson Spineless: (Heirloom) (30 seeds)
Bell Pepper: California Wonder (25 seeds)
Squash: Straight Neck yellow summer squash (15 seeds)
Squash: Black Zucchini Italian summer squash (15 seeds)
Lettuce: Romaine and Black Seeded Simpson (1 oz. of seeds each)
Cucumber:  Dwarf: Space Master Bush Cucumber (15 seeds)

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All plants and seeds on this page are seeds from plants I have grown in my nursery or purchased from reliable wholesale dealers. Most are heirlooms. I try to find unusual things that are not readily available. 
TO ORDER email with your list and I will send a paypal invoice. Paypal is the safest most secure way to order and it is easy to set up if you don't already have an account but if you want to email me your order and phone number, I can call and take your credit card ORDER A TOTAL 4 or more Individual seed packs and SHIPPING IS FREE! All packs are $1.75 each amount of seeds vary by variety. Shipping for 1 - 3 packs is $1.50

Tomato Seeds: Sold Out

Heirloom Arkansas Traveler, Heirloom Cherokee Purple,  Roma, Large Red Cherry

Arkansas Traveler
Cherokee Purple

Heirloom Peppers: Sold Out

Red Habanero, Organic Jalapeno, Organic California Bell Heirloom Peppers, : 

30-40 seeds 

Red Habanero


Squash: 25-30 seeds Sold Out

Yellow Early Prolific Straight Neck

 Black Beauty Zucchini

Yellow Straight Neck

Black Zucchini

Lettuce: 1 teas. (this is lots of seeds!)

Black seeded Simpson


Beautiful Hyacinth Bean Vine Seeds    15 seeds $1.75 Sold Out
This beautiful annual vine grows fast and is covered all summer with beautiful purple/lavender flowers. The vine itself is lovely with it's big purple leaves, purple eatable pea pod and dark purplish stems. An eye-catcher in full sun or part shade. Even the seeds are pretty! I think they would make a nice addition to jewelry or other craft projects.  

 Pumpkin on a stick Seeds  Sold Out 
(Ornamental Egg Plant) 25-30 seeds $1.75
This is a beautiful plant as well as an ADORABLE AUTUMN DECOR ITEM -