October 6, 2021

Life After The Greenhouse

 As I wrote earlier in the year, I decided to close Mimi's Greenhouse after the 2021 spring season. I thought I would miss all the things that went along with selling plants to the public. So far, I have totally enjoyed puttering around and cleaning up the greenhouse. I'm planning to grow some winter crops inside the greenhouse this winter. I think I'll try tomatoes, lettuce, and a few herbs to start with. It will be a great place to winter over all the tender plants that usually die off after a freeze.

We created a sitting area where all the plants used to be and I really love to sit out there in the mornings with my cup of tea and the dog. We left the black woven ground cover that keeps the grass and weeds from invading the area and I have big tubs of shrubbery around the perimeter (I'll post later how to get these tubs for free). There are butterfly bushes and other flowering shrubs that attract the butterflies.

I still enjoy having guests over to visit the garden, sit a spell and relax with a cup of tea or coffee. I do dread the late fall because of the huge oak trees in our yard. The leaves are literally ankle deep! 

I will have more time to write now. I'm working on "Mary Magdelene" the second in the "Mary" series. The first, Mary of Bethany, The Untold Story is available now on Amazon..  Stay tuned for more gardening tips and backyard adventures.    

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