November 17, 2020

How Has COVID Changed Your Life?

 I'm wondering if my feelings are universal or am I just plain crazy? Even when I'm out among the plants (my favorite place to be) I feel like a wild bird in a small cage. Bill and I have been well and for the most part, we have done life as usual. Of course, the masks are a pain in the butt and honestly, I'm not so sure how much they help. We have ordered our groceries and picked them up for the first few months. Lately, we have gone to the store wearing our masks and shopped as normal. Now that there seems to be an uptick in cases we may go back to order and pick up.

I have planned to have nine people in my little dining room for Thanksgiving. I pray (seriously) that we will be safe and remain healthy. We haven't decided about Christmas yet.

The greenhouse has been the place where I can escape and feel safe. It is so crowded with plants that can't survive the winter outside, that there is hardly room for me now. The Meyer Lemon is full of lovely fruit and I have enjoyed them in my hot tea every morning. It's barely the end of autumn and I'm already wishing for spring. 

Yes, I will open again next spring. Early April if the Lord is willing. My major supplier in McMinnville is closing so I will either have to start early and grow my own or order little plugs and grow them up. Either way, there will be herbs and flowers for sale at Mimi's next spring. 

I'd appreciate your comments, especially about how you are making the best of the COVID situation. 

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