September 15, 2020

Now Is a Good Time To Learn New Gardening Skills

I don't know about you, but I've done more reading since we have been locked down. Granted, I'm feeling better about getting out more lately, but I'm still not the gadabout I was before.

Take some time to hone your gardening skills and learn how to multiply your plant collection for free! My gardening book, Gardening Tips For Small Spaces (pictured on the right) has many tips and ideas for growing plants, propagating the ones you have, as well as money-saving tips too. The Kindle version is only $3.99! Click the title to find it on Amazon

If you want a good fiction book to help pass the time, check out Mary of Bethany, The Untold Story, it's also on Amazon. This one is Biblical fiction based on the life of Mary of Bethany.

In my book, Mary first met Jesus by accident when she was a young girl and in a place she should never have been. She would have been in terrible trouble if Jesus had not been there too. 

Travel the dusty streets of Israel to Mary’s home in Bethany, visit places and meet people you may have never known before. In my book, Mary is a gardener. Read Mary's story to find out what important crop she grows and how it impacts the lives of others. 

See Mary and her family in a whole new way, Come, experience the life of one of the most famous women in the Bible, and learn her untold story.

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