August 12, 2020

Pandemic, Miniature Egg Plants and Other Ways to Keep My Sanity...

OK, So I know the virus is a real thing but I only know one person who has had it. She was pretty sick and her whole family got it too. Thank God, my friends and family have remained well but I am so tired of being cooped up in the house and yard!

I have decided that I'm done with the sheltering in place! We have been to Walmart, Dollar Store, Cracker Barrel, and most importantly, Church! I wore my mask to Walmart, mostly with respect to the employees who are forced to wear them. Dollar Store didn't seem to care one way or the other and we were socially separated in church. Let's be real here, how can you eat in a restaurant with a mask on? So, no, I didn't wear the mask at Cracker Barrel. 

What would you be willing to bet that as soon as the election is over, we will find that the pandemic is over too? 

I will say, I've gotten a lot done in the Greenhouse and plant sale yard this summer. There have been lots of customers too. I guess I'm not the only one who is bored and working in the yard.  

I discovered miniature Egg Plants. The plant itself is about 2 feet tall. I put them in 2-gallon pots and they are very happy. The only problem is the Thrips that have recently gotten on them but it doesn't seem to have affected the fruit. The little fruit tastes just like the big ones. I cooked them with onions in a stir fry and they were really good. Who knew? I bought them at Lowe's in the markdown section of the garden center. I wonder if I can save seeds? I guess there is no harm in trying. 

The Hydrangeas have outdone themselves!  So have the Begonias and the Meyer lemon is loaded with fruit. I can't wait till October when they are ripe.


Butterflies are all over the Buddleia! It is right by the path from the house to the greenhouse. They don't mind if we pass by while they are sipping the nectar. No wonder it's nicknamed Butterfly Bush. 

I feel sorry for folks who don't have a yard to escape to. Maybe I should open mine just for visits. 😊

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