April 17, 2020

Things To Do During Pandemic Lock Down

   OK, so the first week wasn't so bad...we caught up on TV, read, weeded the yard, mowed the yard, watched more TV, I even cooked. Now I'm bored! So here are a few suggestions for keeping your sanity. 

Start veggie seeds inside to plant as soon as the weather stabilizes...I'm writing this on April 14 and it is snowing outside my window! I live in Middle Tennessee and it was nearly 80 degrees last week! This too shall pass! We will need our vegetable gardens more than ever this year. Look at my post about seed starting here

Go online and dream about all the cool plants out there that you might want to add to your landscape. Check out Burpee Seeds, Search eBay for "plants" you'll be amazed by what you might find. Here are a few of my favorites: https://www.johnnyseeds.com/,  Park Seeds and plantsGardeners Supply Company  even ETSY

Get my Gardening book on Amazon for more tips and lessons on gardening 

Step By Step Guide To Plant Propagation Revised Edition

Step By Step Guide To Plant Propagation Revised Edition by [Kathy Green]  Share with us here in the comments about what you are doing to keep from being bored out of your mind.
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