October 11, 2019

How to Stop Your Dog From Getting On The Furniture

JoJo on the loveseat
Our dog JoJo has become an only child since our sweet Pookie Bear died earlier this spring. JoJo is a hundred pound Lab/Chow mix but he thinks he is a lap dog!

Not only is he as big as a cow but he is afraid of storms! Oh, he has a nice big doghouse in our fenced in backyard but don't think for one minute he will go in there. Ever since his littermate Annie died about 3 years ago, the only way he will go into the dog house is if we shut him up in that part of the yard and it rains.

Yes, we are too lenient but we feel sorry for him and he is such a sweet dog. When he is inside he picks a spot near wherever we are and lays between us and the door.  It's only at night that he will sneak onto the leather couch or loveseat. If he didn't shed so badly, I wouldn't mind but I could make yarn if I had a spindle from all the hair he sheds the floor! 

At my wit's end, I went searching for something to deter him from getting on the furniture. I found this recipe and it works! He won't go near the place where spray it! I do have to respray each day but he stays on the floor. Here is the recipe:

Homemade Dog Off

1 1/2 cups water
2 Tablespoons White Vinegar
20 drops essential oil (orange or citrus-scented)

Mix all in a spray and spray where you don't want to dog to be.

I also found this one but not sure what the alcohol would do to my leather furniture.  Mix water and lemon juice with alcohol (equal parts) and spray furniture. 

I know this works too. It's from Amazon - I've used it.

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