September 6, 2019

Froggies and toads oh no!

Actually, I love them both. We would be totally overrun with mosquitos if it weren't the frogs and toads in my yard. For years, I've had a toad that winters over in or near my greenhouse. He (or she) eats lots of bugs that would otherwise eat my plants.

I took these pictures of a little leopard frog sunning on a rock in my little puddle. It's too small to be a pond but it gives us much pleasure in spring and summer. Soon I'll post about the patio I built beside it for sitting and enjoying the goldfish and frogs. This leopard frog eats mosquitos that would otherwise eat us!

I saw the toad yesterday when I went out to one of my sand beds to stick some Hydrangea cuttings. He was buried up to his eyes in the sand. I had to scoop him up with my trowel and move him out of my way. He could have cared less. He sat and watched as I stuck all those cuttings, then he hopped a few feet away. I bet he's back out there today! No matter, he does more good than harm. I'd be overrun with bugs if it weren't for him and his friends.

Toad in the sand

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