August 30, 2019

Dwarf Ornamental Grasses

Many years ago when I first started in the greenhouse business, ornamental grasses were all the rage. I don't see as many of them as I used to. That may be because they take up a lot of space and many of us have downsized our yards.

I still have a few ornamental grasses in my landscape and my favorites are the dwarf or miniature varieties. In this post, I want to feature three of those.

Little Bunny is a true miniature fountain grass. It only grows to about 30 inches tall and wide. It will send up little fluffy seed heads in late August. My picture came from Bluestone Perennials.

Moudry is another favorite of mine but it can be invasive. I grow it on the red clay bank beside the studio and it has not been invasive there. I'm sure that is because of the gummy red clay fill dirt that the builders had to add when we built the little art studio. I love Moudry's dark purple plumes in the late fall.

   Hameln is a tiny little grass that only gets about 2 feet tall and wide. It is very similar to Little Bunny but a little smaller. Perfect for a sunny spot in your small yard. It is a spectacular accent plant.

I will have Moudry and Little Bunny for sale at my 2020 spring plant sale at Mimi's Greenhouse. 

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