December 21, 2018

Fresh Parsley for Winter Goodness

My Driveway Garden
Nothing is easier to grow in a pot than Parsey. I plant it in early spring in big pots that I also grow Tomatoes and annual veggies in. Of course, it will grow in the ground and if you plant it in a protected place it will survive some pretty cold days. Mine is planted in these big pots in the driveway beside my house along with other herbs.

We have had more than one night in the 20 degree range and I harvested fresh Parsley last week for a recipe I was preparing. I also put some in a little vase in my sunny kitchen window over a week ago. It's so cold outside that I wanted it handy so I don't have to go out and cut more. As you can see, it's happy there with the ivy cuttings I'm rooting. I also put some sprigs of fresh Bay leaves in the vase too. I Keep my Sweet Bay tree in the greenhouse over winter. It would not survive a frost. 
Parsley & Ivy in my kitchen window

Other herbs that will survive the cold and are useful in winter recipes are Mint, Rosemary, Thyme and Sage. All these are also growing in the big containers near the Parsley.

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  1. It has been another week since I wrote this post and that silly Parsley is still as green and fresh as the day I put it in the water!