November 16, 2018


My youngest son asked me to feed his dogs and cats while he is busy clearing trees and brush for some folks who really need the help.

He has three pit bulldogs.  All are very sweet and live in his big fenced backyard with their own heated doghouses. They have a self-feeder so I don't need to visit every day. Same with the two cats that live in the hay shed but they are WILD! One of them will sometimes show up when I fill their feeder but I've only seen the other one once the whole time I've been visiting. I can't pet the one who comes around either but I can talk to it and it will meow back. Too bad I don't speak cat. Actually it may be just as well that I don't know what it's saying. LOL!

Zack also has a cow. She has a self-watering trough (so do dogs and cats) she has plenty of hay so I really don't need to do anything for her. Still that cow was a challenge. I wanted to pet her. My daddy raised calves when I was a little girl and I always loved to pet them. They would suck on my fingers and try to eat my shirt.

Not so much with this little cow. If you can call a 300+ pound cow little. I finally got her to come close enough by offering her clover from my side of the fence. She got almost close enough for me to touch her face but when I reached out...boom! She jumped back out of my reach. It's been a week and so far she comes to the front fence when she sees my car coming down the driveway, but I still can't get close enough to pet her. Maybe I need sugar cubes?

I think Zack named her hamburger (we won't even talk about why) but I call her Molly Moo.  Maybe I'll have her tamed before he finishes this job. There is snow on the ground as I write this. I don't want to pet a cow bad enough to tromp around in the snow and mud to try and make friends with a reluctant bovine. 😉 Stay tuned. I'll post if I manage to wrangle the Molly Moo.

Meanwhile, look at this giant cow someone asked Zack to move for them. One never knows what a person with a skid loader can do.

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