October 26, 2018

Hydrangea are beautiful in the fall

Chantilly Lace Hydrangea

If I could only have one plant it would probably be a Hydrangea. There are so many sizes, shapes and colors to choose from. Not only are they spectacular in the spring and summer, but did you know they are lovely in the fall too?

Here are pictures of some of my Paniculata Hydrangea. These are not the big mop-heads that most folks think of when Hydrangea are mentioned.  Although mop-heads are beautiful in autumn too, if you leave the flower heads on the bush until they dry. See a few of my mopheads in bloom at this link.

The Paniculata do so much better in my yard and I actually grow them in huge tubs instead of in the ground. A couple of these are dwarf varieties. Bare in mind, that a dwarf Hydrangea can still get 5 feet tall and wide.

Little Lime (Dwarf)

Silver Dollar (Dwarf)


To see more about Hydrangeas click this link

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