September 28, 2018

Giant Coleus "Wasabi"

Wasabi and Me

This is an amazing plant! you can see from the picture on the left how big it is compared to the containers of Basil and zinnias beside it.

I have several of Wasabi Coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides 'Wasabi') around my landscape, all in pots. Not only are they huge but beautiful as well. The hot lime leaves seem to glow, especially in full sun. I have them in full sun as well as a couple in part shade. They seem to grow equally well in either place.

This plant will for sure be on my list to sell next year at Mimi's Greenhouse spring sales. In fact, I already have quite a few growing in the rooting beds.

I have actually underplanted miniature Hosta in the pots with the Wasabi plants. The coleus supply shade for the hosta and it's a good way to add to my hosta collection.

Some of the smaller purple and orange Coleus are a nice contrast to Wasabi in a mixed container or planted straight in the landscape together. 

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