February 2, 2018

A Touch of Spring for the Winter Doldrums

Tulips in my kitchen window

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of cold grey days! Today is sunny but too darn cold to go outside. A few days ago, I was sick of gloomy, gray, cold weather! I went to Walmart and bought flowers for myself and my mother. Mother is 92 years old and still lives in her own home but she doesn't get out much because of neuropathy. We both needed cheering up.

I'd like to say I could have picked the tulips from my yard but it is weeks away from that. On the bright side, weeks are better than months. 😄 Seriously, here in the mid-south, we will have Tulip blooms in about six weeks. I can't wait.... so I didn't!

Go out and buy yourself (or someone who needs a smile) a $5.00 bunch of tulips. The ones in the picture have been in the little vase for four days now. I have the other half of the bouquet on the kitchen table. Their sunny blooms will make you happy. BTW: the African Violets have been blooming for weeks. I try to keep a pot of them blooming all the time, especially in winter. 

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