November 24, 2017

Favorite Winter Hardy Sedum

Lemon Ball Creeping Sedum

Blue Spruce Creeping Sedum
  Here in my zone 7 yard these two sedum plants are green all winter. They hug the ground and are not invasive as some sedum can be but they do spread slowly over the ground.
  They are happy if you decide to plant annuals in their midst too. I have Marigolds that re-seed in my Lemon Ball sedum every year. The orange Marigolds really look beautiful in contrast to the lime-green of
Mandevilla & Lemon Ball Sedum
that particular sedum. See how pretty the big planter of Mandevilla vines and Lemon Ball is.  The only reason it is in the greenhouse is because I'm trying to winter over the Mandevilla.
  Both Lemon Ball and Blue Spruce grow about four to five inches tall and both have flowers in summer. You can see a spent flower stem in the picture of the Blue Spruce.
  The ones in the picture are potted for sale in the nursery yard. They have been growing in 3 inch pots all summer and the Blue Spruce were planted last year. They sat outside on a table in those three inch pots all winter even with all the hard freezes we had! I was astounded!

These will be for sale this spring at Mimi's Greenhouse.

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