November 10, 2017

Best Meal Worm Feeder for the Bluebirds

I've written before about what fun it is to watch the bluebirds eat from the mealworm feeder. See that post here: Feed the Birds!  But Wait! I've discovered another feeder that I like better. The old one finally bit the dust. It's no wonder, it was probably 10 years old. When I went looking to replace it, the price had gone way up and they were out of stock too.

So a trip to my local Tractor Supply Store, my usual source for all things bird, didn't turn up one I was crazy about either. Low and behold across the street at good old Wally World was the perfect solution! It is not a Mealworm feeder actually but works great for the worms. It is copper and pretty, has a little "roof" that keeps the worms fairly dry, dispenses them as the birds eat so not as many are wasted and as you can see from the pictures the birds like it.

I have also found a great source for worms that is cheaper than what I have found anywhere else. I stopped growing my own worms about a year ago. Too much trouble and dried are much easier to deal with. This link is a five-pound bag that lasts a long time and I feed lots of birds! 

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