October 20, 2017

The Last Trumpets

No, this is not a post about Bible prophecy but I might write one of those too, you never can tell what I might do one of these days! 

This is about my beautiful Angel Trumpet plants (Brugmansia). The photo is of the last blooms I will have before I take them into the greenhouse  for the  winter. Sometimes they will bloom in there too. The flowers smell like heaven! They are especially fragrant around sunset. My whole studio porch is heavy with the scent each evening when they bloom. Trumpets bloom off and on all summer. 

I have four of these beauties, White flowering, Pink flowering, Yellow flowering and one with variegated leaves that blooms cream colored trumpets. The trumpet shaped flowers are nearly a foot long! 

These plants are tropical and I do winter them over in the greenhouse but a sunroom would work too, even a sunny full sized window would make them happy. 

A better way to have Angel Trumpets from year to year is to take stem cuttings in the fall and root them in water. You can do this in a sunny window or under grow lights. Expect them to lose all their leaves and make new leaves as they root.  To make rooting a little easier, you can remove all the foliage before you place the cuttings in water. Pot the babies up when well rooted, keep them is a sunny window sill and put them outside after all danger of frost has passed. I often leave them in the water until it's almost time to put them outside and then I pot them. 

Angels Trumpets grow fast and get 5 or 6 feet tall in a single season so you will need to have a big container ready for them when they outgrow their original pot. It doesn't hurt to prune them to keep them from taking over your space. 

WARNING: Every part of this plant is poison but I have grown them for years in and out of the house and never had a child or pet even try to ingest any of it's parts.

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