July 28, 2017

The summer of the Wren

Well, we had the saga of the baby Wren and the follow up of of that story and not long after that drama was done, along came two little Wrens busily dragging grass, moss and pretty much anything they could get into their beak up on our porch.

I had asked Bill a year or so ago to build little corner shelves under the eaves of our front porch. I knew several types of birds like to build on shelves near houses. No one had taken us up on the free real estate until now. We had so much fun watching these two  fly in and out with their treasures and one work so hard to arrange it just so. They worked for two days. It has been 4 days now and mama is setting on her eggs in the little tunnel she built.

I love the ingenious way Wrens construct their nests. They make a tunnel of soft grass and moss surrounded by the biggest mess you have ever seen of leaves and other stuff from the yard. Most enemies would never know that deep within that pile of trash is a clutch of eggs soon to be fuzzy babies. Let's hope these babies stay when they should till they can fly out on their own! I'll post later how many babies and if they survive the neighbor's cats. 

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