July 7, 2017

The Saga Continues...

Baby Wren story continued from last week.

Well, the baby survived the rain storm. He was hidden in the rose bush the whole time. I didn't see him (or her) because he was perched on a branch behind one of the deck posts.

Sunday morning I looked for the baby but he was nowhere on the deck. I could hear the chirping so I knew it was somewhere sending Mama a signal, "I'm here and I'm hungry".  Finally, I spotted him high in a tree about 20 feet away from the deck. Flying is getting better.

Today is Monday and I haven't spotted him but I can hear the chirp. I'm certain he will make it now. It has rained both days and the chirping seems to be higher in our trees and farther away from the house. This tells me he is able to fly pretty well by now. Mama is still coming to the feeder often to carry worms away to all her babies. At least we don't have a cat and our dogs are clueless!

This afternoon as I was taking cuttings of some shrubs right under the place where I first saw the bird perched on a wire. I heard the wrens chirping excitedly. There were 3 adult wrens on the roof and having a fit! I was afraid the snake that lives back there was near their nest (wherever it is). I carefully looked for him...that snake and I have a love hate relationship. I love that he is there eating mice and voles but I hate it when I happen upon him unexpectedly. This time I didn't see the snake anywhere but the birds were upset for sure. That was when I saw that darn baby bird hop upon the gutter near the very first place I had spotted him when this whole thing started days ago!

I couldn't do much about that and the mama bird was right there with worms ready to feed him so I went ahead with my cuttings.

All of a sudden the baby bird fell into a big potted raspberry bush right beside me! Scared us both half to death. He took one look at me and dived into the middle of that bush! I finished my cuttings, left the area to the wrens and went to the greenhouse. When I got finished in the greenhouse I couldn't resist looking into that bush for the little bird. Gone again!  That baby is an escape artist! I bet mama bird will be glad when he gets his flight feathers and leaves home for good! Here is a picture of him before he jumped off the roof.

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