November 4, 2016

November Plant of the Month Pansy

Did you know that you can plant pansies now, enjoy them all fall and they will stay pretty even when frozen? They will then come out and bloom like crazy in the spring. What other plant can do that? I plant them in my kitchen window box in the fall and they make me happy all winter and really show off in the spring. I've taken pictures of them with their blooms frozen and covered with snow. I thought for sure that would kill them but low and behold, when the snow melted they were as good as new.

Now is the time to find them in your local garden center. Pinch the blooms off when you plant them to help them use all their energy getting settled in. I put a little time release fertilizer around the plants and water them in. They don't need anything else to stay all winter and show off their colors next spring!

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