November 11, 2016

My Ingenious DIY Pepper Dryer!

Wire attached to kitchen rack

So my hot peppers are getting ready to harvest but I didn't want to string them in the traditional way. I wanted to be able to add more peppers to the string as they get ripe. I don't have many pepper plants and they continue to ripen. So while digging through the junk drawer I found a piece of wire left over from tying up plants. I twisted one end around the little wire shelf in my sunny kitchen window (anywhere you have a place will work - even a hook) and made a semicircle with the end left over. See above. Now I can add peppers to the string  as they are ready and not disturb the ones already on the wire. No more needles and string - the wire will go right through the pepper. BTW: Peppers don't work well in a dehydrator because they tend to "cook" rather than dry out. 

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