October 7, 2016

Learn a craft or almost anything else on line - Free!

Well, we have had a little taste of fall this week and I'm thinking about a few months away from the greenhouse. My mind always turns to ways to create something or learn a new thing. I hope the day I die, I've learned something new!

Low and behold, in my inbox this morning was an email from a sight I suscribe to about learning 3D Printing and some other interesting goodies. It occurred to me that some of my creative blog readers might like something fun do do this winter when we are house bound. Check out Instructables.com.

There are instructions for almost anything you might think of plus lots you would have never come up with on your own! If you want even more you can upgrade to the paid "Premium" membership and really get inspired. BTW: I signed up for that 3D Printing class! Here are just a few other things I found there:

Cast your own concrete planter:

Make a cool desk organizer: 

Aluminum Can Jewelry: 

An Awesome Plywood Desk: 

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