September 23, 2016

Make your own Chai Tea

You don't even have to have a spice grinder - but it helps. A Mortar and pestle will work to grind your spices - just a little more elbow grease is required. :-)

I prefer whole spices whenever I can find them. A Google search can turn up most everything on this list. We have an International Market nearby and that's where I find things like Betel nut and whole nutmeg. I bought the Ceylon Cinnamon here.  I do use an electric spice grinder. Here is what mine looks like as I grind my tea mix.

 I add this mix to green or black tea leaves and steep for about 5 minutes. Works in coffee too. Drink it hot or over ice. Let it steep a little longer for cold or add more mix to the hot water. I like to squeeze fresh orange juice into my tea too.

Chai Tea Mix:
1 part whole cloves
2 parts fresh ground Ceylon Cinnamon
1 part freshly grated nutmeg
a dash of dried Ginger Root - more if you like it spicy
1/8 part ground betel nut (in other words -to taste)
1/4 part Cardamon - I buy whole cardamon and grind the seeds in my grinder

This mix will be "chunky" and not as fine as tea you get that is leaves only.

Below is what your Ceylon Cinnamon looks like after grinding.

I use a mesh tea ball for my Chai mix and one of my favorite cups (above). I found this handy little shaker top to fit my littlest Ball glass jar. It is just right to store my tea mix or ground spices of any kind.

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