August 19, 2016

Fish Pepper Plant of the Month August 2016

I first heard of Fish Peppers from the Termite Professional man who came to inspect our basement. He was a black man who shared my interest in gardening. He told me about Fish Peppers and brought me some seeds. I planted them and fell in love with the plant. The leaves are variegated green and white, and the fruit matures from green to green/white striped then orange/white and finally red - a beautiful show! Fruit is hot but not so hot that I can't eat them and I don't do hot very well. They were originally used to flavor fish dishes -well duh! After several years, I lost the seeds. This year I wanted to sell these plants at my Greenhouse sales so I did a search that led me to Seed Savers Exchange and success! I offered them this year for sale at Mimi's. The plants sold out! I'll have them again next year for sure.

This article from Mother Earth News gives the very interesting history of this beautiful and eatable plant. The History of Fish Peppers

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