July 8, 2016

Plant of the Month Coleus

Coleus come in so many colors and leaf shapes that it would be hard to pick a favorite. They bloom too but if you keep the blooms pinched off you will have more pretty leaves and a bushier plant.

Coleus are an annual plant that can grow up to 3 feet tall but most container grown ones top out at nearly 2 feet. They are OK planted directly into your garden too. You can buy coleus in pots ready to plant or grow yours from seed. Start them inside in February to have the right size to plant outside in May. They root easy in water too. I always save mine over winter in vases in my kitchen window, See this post: Growing and propagating Coleus

Most Coleus prefer a simi-shaded spot but there are many new varieties that like sun too. Look at this YouTube video to see a few of those: Coleus for Sun

 I love the leaf shape of the one here on the right!

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