July 22, 2016

My Rain Chain Works with our French Drains

Several years ago we needed to put french drains around our house to divert the water away from our basement. Son Josh was in the drain business at the time so he did the work - excellent job I might say! :-)

I really didn't like the way the drain connected to the gutter by the front porch - an ugly black pipe that came up out of the ground.  I had a rain chain there before and we could not figure out a way to get the chain to go into the drain. The drain was not directly under the place where the gutter came off the roof so the water went outside the drain onto the ground.

I was discussing this with my brother and he suggested a pot with a hole over the drain (sort of like a funnel). Sometimes baby brothers can come up with good ideas! I bought the one you see in the video. It is one of those hard foam pots that look like stone. I had no problem cutting a hole in the bottom big enough to fit the drain pipe. I filled around the pipe with stones and topped it off with two little frogs that watch the water fall. Works like a charm as you can see in the video above.

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