June 3, 2016


I posted the following on Thistle Farms Facebook page in response to the question "Do you have a special woman in your life?" If you have a special person (woman or man) in your life? Post a comment and tell us about them. 

 Yes! I have a special woman in my life! She was my grandma on my mother's side. She was not educated in the eyes of the world (she could barely write her name) but she knew God's world by heart! I learned how to cook squash blossoms when squash blossoms were not cool! She taught me how to garden - I own a plant nursery now - thank you Nannie! She was responsible for leading all my cousins to Jesus. She would let me climb the huge Oak tree in her yard when I came for 2 weeks every summer. My mother would have had a fit if she had known! She was poor in monetary things but we always had a bed to sleep in, good food on the table and a warm house to live in. I really mean warm - no air conditioning that I can remember. There were always chickens in the yard and eggs in the refrigerator. I loved the barn. It was dark and cool and smelled like horses. There was a spring where we would put the milk to cool and I like to look for salamanders. The yard smelled like ground ivy - I love that noxious weed to this day! I was forty years old when she died and I felt like my childhood died with her. Thank God for Grandmas. I am a grandma myself now and I pray that I too will be remembered as the grandma who didn't "fit in the box".

Here is what is left of Nannie's house. It has been abandoned for nearly 30 years. My granddaddy died when I was 10 and she married again later. Her husband Sam was a preacher and share-cropper and this was the house where I played as a child.  It was way out in the country then - civilization has crept in and paved the road. .  

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