March 27, 2016

I Skipped Church this Easter...

The garden path as viewed from my swing
Left my seat for one of those people who only attend once a year. :-)   I took my tea cup and Bible to the porch swing. Read the Resurrection Story from all four Gospels. I didn't remember the little differences in each one's account.

Bill is a Deacon at our church so he had to attend to help with seating, etc. I had the house and yard all to myself. The birds sang praises, the spring flowers were dressed in their Easter best. The Hellebore are all blooming and the Rhododendron is putting on a show!  A great Horned Owl flew into the tree right near where I was sitting. Crows had chased him there and they chased him away too. It was a rare treat to see one that close in the daytime. The wren bird hopped into her nest in the corner of the porch roof. She didn't mind that I was there at all. I always feel close to God on my porch swing. It is one of the few places I can let things go and just sit!

Staying home from church on Easter is not a new thing for me. Honestly, I rarely go on Easter. I don't like what it has clothes, church crowded with people who think it's their duty to go ... it's a good thing that some of them hear the gospel for the first time. I  celebrate the Resurrection every day! Thank God for that empty tomb! Thank God for the true Passover Lamb - Jesus! My sins are covered with His blood and I will spend eternity with Him in heaven.

I'll be back in my pew next Sunday and I''ll be there Wednesday night for our really cool Bible Study discussion class but today it was just me and Jesus.

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