March 4, 2016

Girlfriends Coloring Party

Last week I wrote about my new addiction - Adult Coloring Books. This week I'll tell you about how to host an Adult Coloring Pages Party. I had my first one last Tuesday night. I knew this was a night that most of my friends could come.

I sent a group text, posted messages on Facebook and also sent an email - wanted to be sure everyone got it! You could send traditional invites too - make your own and color them! I didn't have time for that but I might next time. I did ask for R.S.V.P so I would know how much supplies I would need.

I downloaded lots of free color pages (see last week's post for links) and printed at least 2 of each. That way if someone wanted the same one, I had enough. I used white card stock for printing so the colors would be pretty and pages would be strong.

Since I wanted us to work at my kitchen table and it has a wood finish, I made Kraft paper "place mats". I cut rectangles from a big roll of Kraft paper for each person. Get creative with this if Kraft paper is not an option for you. Cut up big brown paper bags - available free at the grocery store. Use parchment paper or regular plastic place mats. I don't have those 'cause my table is round and we use round place mats. The round ones were too small to color our pages on.

I bought colored pencils for everyone. These were cheap at Walmart. Here is what each person's place looked like. The coaster is for their drink - of course we had food! No gathering of girlfriends is complete without food!

Speaking of food, I wanted finger foods so we could spend our time coloring and not eating. I served Pizza cups, Taquitos - both frozen from the grocery. I had purple corn chips & dip, mini bagels with cream cheese and my home made Muscadine grape jelly for dessert. We had tea and coffee to drink. I kept it simple 'cause I didn't want to spend a bunch of time cooking and keeping things warm.

We had a great time!  One of my buddies is Hyper like me and she admitted that she felt calm while she colored. This was the first time a couple of them had colored since they were kids. One of my friends showed me her really cool coloring app for her phone! I'm going to download that one! My friend Cyndi's husband put her page on the fridge! Here it is. She didn't even get time to finish it (we may have talked a bunch! LOL!) But hubby liked it just the way it was. The last picture is of all of us hard at work. Bill was kind enough to take that one for me so I could be in the picture too (That's me on the front right side). No selfies here!

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