November 6, 2015

Tiny "Pumpkins" for Harvest Time Door or Wall decor

I love the little metal container that hangs beside my front door. I change the arrangement in it seasonally. There is a basic collection of ivy and green plants that stay but I add different blooms and other items as the seasons change. Right now I have my little scarecrow with Pumpkin on a Stick fruit tucked into the sides and back. I think these little Ornamental Egg Plant fruits are the coolest things I have found for Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations. They are cute piled in a little bowl on the table too.

For the porch decoration I left them on their stems but I took them off for the bowl. I used green ones as well as the ripe orange ones in my little metal bowl. I tucked in a few Cayenne pepper pods and some fall leaves from the yard. Mama hen and her chick seem to approve.
Get your seeds here and grow your own little "pumpkins" next year. for next year.

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