November 20, 2015

Dried Orange Slices are beautiful and Yummy Too! (Recipe)

Fall and winter is the peak time for fresh citrus. I buy multiple bags of my two favorites; Lemons and Oranges. I dry half of them for use later, for gifts and in case of disaster - I would hate to have my hot tea without lemon and orange slices. :-(    I prefer Meyer Lemons and Valencia Oranges ( both usually only available in winter) but any variety will do for dehydrating. Seedless fruit is better, otherwise you need to remove the seeds.

Slice the fruit  a little thinner than 1/4 inch, put on the rack of your dehydrator and dry at 135° until crisp. Mine only took a few hours so check often. Cool the slices and store in pretty jars (for gifts) or baggies. Do not freeze these - they will break. How simple is that!

Pop one or two in a cup of hot tea and enjoy! They are good to eat just like candy...better 'cause these are good for you. Pretty as cake toppers too - think Orange Marmalade cake. Yummy!

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