October 30, 2015

Pineapple Sage

Pineapple Sage is a favorite in my garden. The leaves smell just like fresh pineapple and the fall blooms are fire red! It blooms when not much else is blooming so it is a welcome sight in my otherwise green herb beds. The leaves make a nice addition to iced tea too. Gives it a fruity taste.

It is perennial in my zone 6. It dies to the ground after a hard frost but comes back every spring, Don't give up on it, it is usually mid-May before I see it sprouting out of the ground but it grows fast once it is up. Look how big and pretty these plants are in my herb bed. I could have cut them back by half in late spring and they would not be quite so tall and would bush out more. I was so busy at that time this year that the sage was neglected. It is still pretty after being neglected!

I'll have a bunch of these for sale in the nursery next spring so come see me! If I decide to ship them I'll post here.

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