October 23, 2015

My beautiful Hyacinth vine

This vine is spectacular! Everyone who sees it wants one. This one is growing on the trunk of a dead Crepe Myrtle but I will need to plant next year's vine on a trellis because the darn crepe Myrtle came back up from the roots! I have planted a Hyacinth vine on that dead tree two years in a row and everyone who saw it thought it was some sort of tree. You can see from the picture why they would think that.

I got the first seed for this plant from a friend at work. The seeds were so pretty that I was tempted to make jewelry from them. They are very hard when dry but actually eatable before the pods dry out. Those pods are bright purple and the flowers a beautiful bright lavender. It blooms all summer in clusters that resemble a Hyacinth flower - hence the name. The first hard frost will kill the vine but I gather the seeds and start over every year. I plant them early in my greenhouse so I can sell some plants too. You can plant them straight in the ground after danger of frost is past.

I have seeds for sale if you would like to grow your own Purple Hyacinth vine. Get them here

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