September 19, 2015

Square Foot Gardening...Maybe???

Tad, JoJo & Annie with the finished raised bed
My straw bale garden this year was a disaster! I didn't treat the bales like I should have, I planted too late and pretty much neglected it because I was so busy with my little nursery business. Besides all that, the straw bales cost $65 this year. Bill and I decided we could buy a lot of fresh veggies at the Farmer's Market for $65!

Raised beds would be a better investment and once we get them built and filled with compost, they will be much less work and less expensive each year. As usual, Bill went right to work building wonderful beds to fit the slope where we needed them to be. I started doing a little research on square foot gardening. With four, four by eight foot beds we should be able to grow lots of veggies using the square foot method. We wanted to make use of the existing space because we already have the ground cover down and it's the sunniest spot in the back yard. We wanted to use the decaying straw from this year's bales as we moved them to make room for new permanent beds.

Grandson Tad was a lot of help moving the rotted manure and helping me spread it and the compost in the new beds. We topped them off with bagged soil conditioner as you can see in top photo. Now I'm ready to mark off my squares and plant some fall crops. See all the photos below. Stay tuned!
old straw in first new bed

Tad moving compost to new bed

Bill is almost done with bed # 2

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