September 4, 2015

Pumpkin on a Stick...Who Knew!

Ornamental Egg Plant
This is the coolest plant ever! I got the seeds a couple of years ago at a Master Gardener meeting. I planted them this spring - sold a lot of the plants at my Greenhouse Sales and kept several plants for myself. The plant is actually an ornamental egg plant - quite thorny but not hard to grow. It gets really tall too. I planted all mine in large pots but they would grow just fine in the ground too.

Tiny "Pumpkins"
Well, it's September and the fruit is ready to harvest. The tiny "pumpkins" are too cute! I'm going to use some left on the stems and poke them into my container beside the front door but others will go into bowls of fall leaves and other ornaments. I'll grow these again next year for sure.

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  1. I lost one of my pumpkin plants, but the other has lots of baby pumpkins on it. Very cute!

  2. Save some seeds for next year. You will have tons!