August 28, 2015

A Trick to Enhance a Cut Flower Arrangement with Hosta Blooms and Leaves

I have many Hosta plants in my yard and I enjoy the fragrant blooms as much as I enjoy the beautiful leaves. Most are fragrant and all will last quite a while in a vase of water.

Blue Mouse Ears Hosta
I have blooms from June through August as the different varieties send up their tall spikes of flowers. Even the miniature Blue Mouse Ears have lovely flowers. The ones in the vase above are Fried Green Tomatoes Hosta blooms mixed with Surprise Lily flowers, red Zinnia and Purple Queen cuttings.

I use a large Hosta leaf (the one below is Sum and Substance) and fold it around the inside of the vase, add water and then your cut flowers. The leaf makes a clear vase - even a cheap one from a bargain store - look special.

Below is the giant Sum & Substance leaf  before I put it in the vase and next to it is vase before the flowers were added. Look how huge that Hosta leaf is!

Hosta leaf vase liner
Sum & Substance leaf

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