July 17, 2015

Making Yogurt at Home

Bill and I eat yogurt every morning for breakfast. We mix it with cereal and I usually put fruit in mine. I like Greek Yogurt and he likes plain. I decided it might be fun, and save some money in the long run, if I made yogurt at home.

Of course, I went straight to Amazon and found the one pictured below. Got it the same week as I ordered (good ole Amazon). I had ordered Greek yogurt culture that had not arrived as soon as the maker did so I made a batch of plain yogurt from existing yogurt we had here as the culture and whole milk. You do not have to buy yogurt culture.  I could have used my plain Greek yogurt for culture but I had already ordered culture. The plain yogurt was good! The Greek culture arrived a couple of days later so I made a batch of that. It is very good. I won't have to buy culture in the future because you just use a little yogurt from the previous batch. I'm done buying yogurt! Next time I'm going to use fat free milk so we will have fat free yogurt. You can also add fruit or flavoring if you want to.

The instructions came with the yogurt maker,of course, and were simple to follow. There are probably ways to make it without the appliance but I liked the little jars and the ease of clean up.

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