June 19, 2015

Late Tomatoes...A God Thing

Last year I started my tomatoes way too early. By the time folks were ready to buy them they were too tall and before the season was over they got aphids in the crowded greenhouse and I had to pitch half of them out!

I made a note in my garden journal to start them later this year. Well I did and the weather got cold, the lighted heat rack kept drying out the flats and by the first of May when everyone was ready to buy Tomatoes, mine were barely showing 2 true little leaves. I lost a lot of sales. :-(

Here it is the middle of June and the plants were needing to be in someone's garden! I ran an ad on Craig's list "Heirloom Tomatoes Buy One Get One Free - Friday and Saturday" I said a little prayer, "Lord, I really wish You would send someone who needs these tomatoes."

I got a call today (Monday) about them. They guy wanted to come today and buy them all! I was here so I said come on over. While I was waiting I started to think about the whole thing. I've never in four years sold all the tomatoes. I wonder if this had been orchestrated by God for the good of someone. When the man showed up, we talked and I asked what he was doing with all these tomatoes. He said, "I'm growing food to give to the old people who live in the high-rise near my home. Most of them are on welfare and barely make it through the month. I'm also giving what is left to second Harvest Meals on wheels". I knew it!  God knew that he would need tomatoes when no one else had them for sale and he hooked us up through Craig's list. He got nearly 200 tomato plants for $45! I gave him all the squash and peppers I had left too. God Blessed us both - I got rid of all the tomatoes and he got a deal too! I hope he has a bumper crop and feeds a bunch of people!

This fall he is going to send me his list of tomatoes for next year and I'm going to grow them for him. I love the way God works in our lives and I'm always grateful when I recoginize when He is working.

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