April 24, 2015

My Little Nursery is Open for the Season

Part of my sale yard
I don't talk about my nursery much and I guess I should. I am opening for the 2015 Season Friday April 24 - 25 and every Friday and Saturday (9 AM - 5 PM) after that until the first of July. Click this link for more about Mimi's Greenhouse

Most of the plants I have grown myself from cuttings or divisions, some I buy wholesale and resale to you. I try to find things that are not readily available locally. I specialize in Perennials (ones that come back year after year) herbs and flowers and some shrubs and trees. I have blueberries, garden veggie plants and soon (before the season is over) Gogi Berry plants. Below are a only few of the many plants I have for sale:
Peggy Martin Rose



Butterfly Bushes
Coral Bells

Red Butterfly Weed
Denver Daisy

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