March 20, 2015

A Penny Pinching Tip

Spring is right around the corner and tulips will be blooming. I love bringing them into the house to add a little spring cheer to my dining room table. The trouble with tulips is their habit of opening and flopping over soon after they are cut. To stop this and make the blooms last a long time, I drop a penny or two into the vase. The ones below have been cut for 3 days and, as you can see, they are as fresh as the first day I picked them.

Last December, I had daffodil bulbs left over from a big landscaping job I did. I planted them in old clay pots, put some moss from my yard on top and gave them as Christmas gifts with instructions to keep them in a cool spot until they start coming up. I kept a couple for myself and today (March 1) as I write, they are popping up it the pots. It is 30 degrees outside! I'll have blooms soon while it's still too cold outside for flowers.

Potted Daffodils 
Another thing I did a couple of years ago that I am still enjoying every spring was my kitchen window box. I planted miniature daffodils and dwarf tulips in the box in the fall and in the spring I add pansies. Later on after the bulbs fade I put annuals in place of the pansies. The bulbs have multiplied too. You can see the bulbs beginning to come up now. The shelter of the house gives them an early start. The bamboo stakes keep the pesky squirrels from digging everything up! The foliage will disguise those later.

Bulbs in the Window Box

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