February 13, 2015


OK I'll admit it, I'm addicted to Amazon. The UPS driver and I are on first name basis. Ever since I sprung for Amazon Prime two years ago, I refuse to pay shipping for anything I purchase (well, almost). I have found some "Free" deals I thought I would share with you.

For Kindle readers - Another thing I love is my Kindle. I read a ton of books and they were taking over the house! Bill's still buys print additions and will not get rid of a book. I pretty much was forced into the Kindle just to keep the house from looking like hoarders live here. I have not paid for a Kindle book in no telling how long. I subscribed to these two newsletters and I read for free. EBooks Habbit  and More For Less Online, Also here is an Amazon link to the 100 top free books on Amazon   SEE MY NEW BOOK AT THE END OF THIS POST!

Amazon Music App  - this is great! you can use this without a Prime membership but lots of music is free with prime. I downloaded 8 hours of music yesterday absolutely free! In addition to the free music, I spent a total of $26 and I got 2 Cd's delivered to my house and free downloads of both for the computer. You can choose to have the tunes downloaded to your I-tunes or Windows media apps too.

Free Shipping Codes for Amazon OK so you don't want to buy Prime but still want free shipping , try this one. And then there is this! Click this link  20 Secret Tips Everyone Who Shops On Amazon Needs 

I see no reason to pay credit card fees period! I always pay my bill in full every month to avoid interest but why not get interest on what I buy too? I have a Capital One credit card "1.5 percent on everything everyday" is true! I'm saving my cash rewards for a beach vacation. My Amazon credit card gives me Amazon cask back on purchases too - 2 times the points at lots of places.I have gotten all sorts of stuff free from Amazon with my points. Ebates is a terrific way to get money back on your online purchases. See the link on my sidebar. The cool thing about Ebates is you get the money via a check in the mail (quarterly) or they will deposit it into your Paypal account - that's what I do. The first one I got was for $49!

If you ever wonder if a web site is safe or not here is a good place to check Scam Adviser All you do is enter the URL of the site you want to check and you get an instant review, comments, who owns the site, where it is located and a bunch more stuff.

Free Movies for your Android device I tried this one on my computer. It said my computer was compatible but it was not there after the "so called" download. I did a further search and found that Google Android Apps will not work on a computer or laptop - regardless of what Google says on their App page. So maybe I saved you a little grief with this one. Once again, Amazon Prime is where we watch for free.
HERE'S MY NEW BOOK; More on this soon

Do you have tips like these to share? Post them in a comment below.

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