November 28, 2014


Really, I try to keep my house clean and we don't leave the doors open but one day a few weeks ago I went into the bathroom and there in my sink was this!

I think this little tree frog came in on a sweater I left on the deck and later put on the bathroom counter. Scared me half to death when he popped out! It took a couple of tries to catch him and put him back outside.

I truly love frogs though, the other picture is of a toad that lives in my greenhouse. I think it is a "she". She has been there all summer and I think it is a good thing. One day before she went into hibernation (in a flower pot) she was sitting near where I was working, I lifted a pot and a thousand legs ran out from under...that toad lapped it up before I could blink! Good Girl! So protect the the toads and frogs, you never know what kind of bad bug they might protect you or your plants from. Now if the frog doesn't attract a snake we will be OK!

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