June 20, 2014

Wonder Weed - Dandelion

A friend gave me a box of dandelion tea the other day. She can't drink it because she is nursing her baby and the tea box warned not to use if nursing. I read the label. It's good for your liver and a natural detox. It tasted pretty good too - I added honey and drank it hot.  

Funny thing was that when I opened my email today there was a post about the benefits of Dandelion. I think someone up there is trying to tell me something. 

I have been adding Dandelion leaves to our salads this spring and they are really good. Here are a few other things that I read about this often despised weed:

  • The leaves and flowers contain Vitamin C
  • The root contains potassium
  • The leaves contain iron - helpful for anemia
  • The entire plant is high in B complex
  • The leaves contain more protein than spinach - who knew!
  • The root can be made into a tea, which can help to inhibit 
  • bacterial growth in the urinary tract
  • All parts of the plant are rich in antioxidants and don't forget about that Dandelion wine!

So instead of trying to kill the Dandelions, eat them or make tea! My mom said she started picking off the flowers when she was walking around her yard - she has much fewer plants than before. makes sense - no flowers - no weeds! So eat a few and pick off the flowers.  

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