June 6, 2014

It's Not Queen Anne's Lace....

It's Caraway and it's not only pretty but it tastes great in a salad, it's seeds are good in an Italian spice mix, The roots are thick and tapering, like a parsnip, though much smaller and are edible. It's easy to grow.

Caraway is a biennial and very hardy if you let it go to seed at the end of summer, it will come back the following spring. Caraway will grow tall (1 1/2 to 2 ft) so give it a sunny spot where it can reach up. It's really pretty when planted in masses or as a backdrop for other flowers. I put it in my straw bale garden with my veggies. I think it may help keep away harmful bugs. I hope it deters the squirrels too. I'll report on that later. Contact me via mimisgreenhouse.com if you would like to purchase Caraway or other herbs from me. Caraway are $3.00 each plus $5.80 for Priority Mail shipping.

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